Harold Camping’s false prophesy of the rapture shows that we need God even more now

Yeah... it didn't happen.

So 6PM has passed here on the West Coast and nothing has happened. There was a coincidental earthquake, but there is no signs of Jesus Christ anywhere. Harold Camping’s prediction of Judgment Day has gone and nothing has occurred. And we continue our lives on earth.

The way that Camping marketed this was to bring the fear to people about the return of Christ and the end of the world. So many people quit their jobs and gave up things because of it. Sadly, they will now have to figure out how to recover since nothing happened.

But what did we learn from all this? Actually, a little good was what I saw.

Since people were talking about this prediction, it at least showed me that people cared about God. Or at least there was interest in it. Because of this, it helped people seek the Bible to find the truth. And in the Bible, it confirmed that ONLY GOD knows when the end of the world is to be.

That’s a good thing. It made God a relevant topic of talk.

But the sad thing is that it showed that there are a lot of misguided people out there. There are people who believe that they could have outsmarted God to predict the end of the world. Some other people must have felt their lives are so crummy that they wanted to see God so much right now.

A woman tried to take matters into her own hands by killing her daughters and herself:

That’s the harm that came from all this. But through it, showed me that this world is still struggling. We can’t just sit back and let the world be what it is. We now have a glimpse of the struggles of this world. People have this desire to be closer to God but they do it in a way where they feel that they can be better and smarter than Him.

And despite Camping’s claim, he and the rest of his followers need God more than ever. This whole world needs him. What we witnessed today by what never happened shows us that there are a lot of people seeking, but have no direction. There a lot of people that are hoping, but have nothing to grab onto.

Camping believes in a religion — a construction of rules and understandings made by people. The Bible preaches faith and relationship with God — which is something Camping never talked about.

We need to pray for Camping because he has been influenced by the devil to speak falsely of the Bible and cause others to follow.

Just because nothing happened doesn’t mean we are all OK. Today just showed that we are in a pretty fucked up state right now in the world because a lot of people don’t know God.

Let’s continue to be good Christians and show people what our true God is about. And let’s continue to pray for those who were caught up in this mess. These people clearly are seeking God — and we can help them find Him.

Today wasn’t Judgment Day. It was an eye-opening day to the pains of the world and the people’s need for God. This world needs Him even more than ever now.



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2 responses to “Harold Camping’s false prophesy of the rapture shows that we need God even more now

  1. wow that’s really sick video. thanks for the commentary sam.

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