My awesome first trip ever to see the Stockton Ports play ball

Hanging out with Splash before the game.

Last night I went to my very first ever Stockton Ports baseball game. The Ports are the Single-A affiliate of the Oakland A’s and my friend Chris and I were really excited to see the stud Michael Choice play.

We drove all the way from my house in El Sobrante to Stockton (about a 90 minute drive) to see the Ports. We were able to get there in plenty of time (and found residential parking) to make it before the game.

They were giving away Trevor Cahill bobbleheads to the first 1,000 fans. Of course, being a small minor league team, we got there and there were still plenty of them being given away. For pictures, check them out here.

One of the first things I did was to make sure that I took a picture with Splash, the team’s mascot. We walked around the ballpark, taking pictures. It’s a very small place but it has its roots. Nearly every corner featured something that paid homage to the current A’s players that went through the Ports to make it to the big leagues.

There was a grassy hill past the outfield wall that people could sit in for picnics. The waterfront sat behind the field and there was not one bad seat in the house. With it seating only 5,000 people, it was just very cozy.

One goal that I wanted to do was to make sure that I kept a scorecard for the game. I never keep score at any baseball games I go to, but it seemed like a fun thing to do. I was very impressed with SS Conner Crumbliss as he went 2-3 with 2 BBs and 2 RBIs. However, Michael Choice went 0-5 with 5 Ks. Very unimpressive.

Since it was raining a little, I decided to hang out under the awning of the team store out in the left field foul territory. A foul ball was hit in that direction. Seeing that the ball would carom off something, I backed away from the wall. The foul ball would eventually bounce off a man’s thigh and I ran right up to the ball on the bounce and grabbed it. After 13 years of being a baseball fan, I finally got a foul ball! Very exciting!

Overall, it was a very exciting time. I like ballparks that are smaller and more intimate. I was so close to the action and I got a chance to see the future of the A’s. I might do it again sometime in the future. We’ll see.

I also bought a Ports baseball as well as a Ports home cap. I was torn between the caps as they also had a very sweet road cap and alternate cap. I decided that I don’t own any all red caps, so I stuck with the home cap.



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