O.J. Simpson confesses to murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown and Oprah is behind all of it

The infamous glove scene.

EDIT: Oprah denies that this is true.

If you haven’t heard, the news is that O.J. Simpson has confessed to the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and that Oprah will be the one breaking the news to the national public on TV. (More detailed account of the murder).

I remember when I was a kid and this was the buzz at elementary school. During recess, all the teachers would be glued to the television and I watched as well. I didn’t know what exactly was going on, but there was a major buzz when Simpson was found not guilty. It was a “landmark” event of my childhood upbringing.

And for the longest time, I was really confused. How could Simpson not be found guilty? The huge public opinion said he did it. But the court rulings said otherwise.

Is our justice system that flawed? Or was it the power of the lawyers manipulating the system?

This isn’t a real surprise (that he did commit the crime) but I suppose since Simpson’s life has been a mess for a while, that he felt the guilt to admit it. But of course, somehow, someway, Oprah is in the middle of it all.

His life is a mess and he’s already in jail for other things. This is Oprah using this as a platform to elevate herself higher than before. I never liked Oprah and it’s clear she markets herself to the unstable women of the country. This interview will not only make her audience hate Simpson more, but it just probably gives off some bad vibe about men in general.

So yeah, I am a little surprised that Simpson would finally admit his crime. But with his life in a mess, I think it was the right thing for him to finally come clean. But to do it with an ego-minded Oprah to boost her morale? Not good.

It’s just crazy that this incident that happened 15+ years ago is the top news right now.

I pray that there will be some good that comes out of all this and that there will be closure for the victim’s family.


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