My first ever Rivercats game and a return to the California State Railroad Museum

Dinger is awesome! My hair is not so awesome.

I just got back from the most amazing adventure I’ve ever had in Sacramento. My friend and I had planned on going to catch the Sacramento Rivercats (Oakland A’s Triple-A affiliate) and today was a perfect day. There would be an autograph session and postgame fireworks.

But before all that, we decided to go get some grub and kill some time. We went to Davis Sushi (because I had a 10% coupon) and we did not pace ourselves at all. We ate too much too fast and tapped out early. But we ate about enough to get our money’s worth.

After that cool adventure, it was time for me to relive some very awesome memories in Old Sacramento.

When I was a kid, my parents would take me to Old Sacramento all the time. I had this fascination with trains and it was awesome. We used to take Amtrak from Richmond all the way to Sacramento. I would remember the places I went to eat lunch and just the atmosphere.

The last time I was in Old Sac was in 6th grade for a field trip. That trip took us to the California State Railroad Museum. My parents took me there all the time and it is one of my favorite places to go. I had to go back there one more time to relive the memories.

It was a total adventure to see all the old locomotives. I have a much more bigger appreciation for it now than I did before. Also, it was very good to see that there was an entire section that was dedicated to the Chinese people and their hard work in building the railroads. Much props for that.

Back to one of my favorite places in the whole world!

In fact, the museum is a great history lesson in the original gangsters of the early times of the West Coast. It was a West Coast museum and it was very gangster. We joked about everybody in the museum waiting for Dr. Dre to drop his newest album Detox. That didn’t make sense, but it was what made the trip fun. An original gangster museum of trains.

After all that, we walked out a little to look for something to drink. They were passing out coupons for free sample donuts. I couldn’t pass it up. But when I got my donut, the cashier gave me puppy dog eyes asking if I would actually buy some more. I caved in and bought some. It was hard to eat donuts on a hot day, but I did it anyway. I cooled down with a mango smoothie.

As my friend and I cooled down near the car, a meter maid approached us and asked us about our car. Apparently, due to other drivers parking their cars all wrong, we ended up parking in an illegal space. But because the lady was so nice and understanding (like that of a Mark Ellis type) she explained to us the situation and said that she wouldn’t give us a ticket if we moved. In fact, she said that we could finish our refreshments so there was no rush. Very nice lady and very caring.

We finally made our way to Raley Field to watch the Rivercats. It is a nice stadium and very compact. It was a great environment. They had good food choices, a cool team store and everything. We got a couple autographs, got into our seats and watched the game. (Then walked around to find a place to sit and eat.)

The Cats lost 7-2 (thanks in part to the former A’s players that did not stepping up) but we did see some cool stuff from newest Cat Jermaine Mitchell. It was the 64th sellout crowd in Raley Field history.

It was exciting as I got to take a picture with Dinger (the mascot) and catch the postgame fireworks. Overall, it was a total blast and I might head back up to Sacramento to catch a game again in the future. Minor league baseball is just so much fun.

A great way to spend my July 4 weekend. I might do some BBQ tomorrow just for kicks.


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