Google+ is confusing and other random thoughts

So I am on Google+ now. Not everyone is but I got my hands on it. It’s supposed to be the new Facebook or whatever. Well, so far, I am confused. (Here’s my profile).

But first, let me be honest and say that I don’t like Google. It’s good, but I don’t LOVE it like people. I hate Gmail and all the other nonsensical perks that Google praises. So when G+ came out, I thought that maybe it would be something that could change my mind. Nope.

Of course, they are still in the beta stages but with it being a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, it’s really going to clutter up my social networking. It’s not that easy to navigate and I am slowly distancing myself from it.

I never realized that I knew so much about sports oddities. The other day I was in a cap store and I spent like an hour talking with the clerk about cap history and uniform stuff. A lot of useless information that could be very useful in the oddest way.

I know that this knowledge is good in a sense, but it’s not going to do me any financial profit.

Speaking of which, a possible career change might occur. I have been hoping to move out for some time and with a potential change in my job possibly coming up soon, that may just be the thing for me. Won’t detail it here, but it’s an opportunity that could change my life.

Anyway, that’s all I gotta say.


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