Rebecca Black’s ‘My Moment’ music video gets destroyed on YouTube

Rebecca Black released her newest music video and knowing that the Internet would jump at her newest song, I decided to go to the YouTube page and just watch it explode.

After her song “Friday” turned her into a Internet sensation, I recorded the above video of her newest video “My Moment” and just recorded the people hating on her and dropping comments.

I feel bad for her, but this incident reminded me of the good ol days when we didn’t have YouTube.

Back when I was a kid, when I saw a music video, the closest thing I had to commenting on it was either to a friend in person or through a music forum. And since I was a little kid, I didn’t have such outlets. I would see a video and enjoy/hate it. And if a friend saw it too, we talked about it.

But with YouTube and other video sites, everyone has a voice. They all just continue to drop comments. And when someone like Black gathers the attention of the Internet generation, it gets pretty brutal.

It’s now harder to be a star in the music world with all the outlets for fans to steal and hate the music. Music is dying a little and it’s now a much tougher world than I remember.


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