My blog celebrates its first birthday today

Inspired by the great Dr. Seuss

Today marks the one-year birthday of my blog. A year go on this date, I decided to branch away from my LiveJournal in an attempt to expand my writing. I wanted to write things that I couldn’t express elsewhere. Plus, it was an avenue for me to just really be me.

Here was my first ever entry.

That time a year ago, I was preparing for my trip to Ohio. And I was also just blogging on everyday stuff. It’s not like that right now, rather a commentary blog on things I notice. But for the most part, this blog has been good to me and I have enjoyed writing here. Let’s see how the second year turns out.

And for kicks here are some stats from my first year on this blog.

Total entries: 315

Total comments: 180 (about half of them are mine)

Total categories: 31

Total tags: 391

Total subscriptions: 6

Total unique site views: 21,598 and counting

Most views in a day: 2,652 on April 15, 2011

Pretty awesome for my first year on the blog. I hope that now as my life and career take on a new path, I will blog a lot more often on things.


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