Off to the midnight showing of ‘Captain America’ — my 2nd favorite superhero on the big screen

Growing up as a kid, I don’t remember much in terms of favorite superheroes. I do remember a lot about Superman. He is clearly the greatest superhero of all time and I loved every one of the Christopher Reeve movies.

But I also liked Captain America a lot. I don’t remember a lot about his story and whatnot, but I remember having this Captain American action figure that had his shield attached to his arm. With a flick of a switch, the shield would release and fly across the room. That was badass.

Since that day, I have become a major Captain American fan. He was a superhero based back in the old times and even though I am not a fan of war, he fought for freedom. And plus, he wore some pretty awesome colors.

I had waited a long time for this wave of Marvel movies to finally get to Captain America. Now that he’s here tonight, I am ready to go watch it. I truly believe that this will be a great movie.

And for kicks, I’m all dressed up already for tonight.

Wearing this to the theater.


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