I dropped in my business card in that box and got a free dinner — who wants to join me?

You know those things in restaurants when you put in a business card for a chance to win a free lunch or something? I did that at Chevys and this is what they emailed me:

Dear Samuel,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a selected winner of a “CANTINA PARTY” at our Richmond Chevys location!!! So gather your thirsty and hungry co-workers or friends to book your Reservation!

*What do you win with a Cantina Party?

For a minimum of 6 guests we will provide: 1 Free Fresh Mex Sampler (good for 6 guests, more than 6 guests receive 2!) and the first round of House Margaritas at $.99 each!

*Cantina Parties require a minimum of 6 guests with a maximum of 12 guests.

*All guests must be over the legal drinking age of 21yrs to participate in the Margaritas for $ .99 deal.

*Cantina Parties must be booked within 30days of receiving this offer!!

**To book your reservation give us a call at your earliest convenience and remember reservations can only be made during our “Happy Hour” times (Mon-Thurs 2pm-8pm, excluding holidays).

** Please print and bring this email with you on your scheduled party date and please hand it to your server. Thank you!

So take advantage of this offer and treat everyone to a fun evening at Chevys!! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Best regards,
-Nikki Martinez

Local Store Marketing Coordinator

So, I have 30 days to use this offer. Anybody wanna party with me? I’ll try to coordinate it all.

This is for the Richmond Chevys.


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