I was on KRON 4 news talking football! What an experience!

Lesser quality video here

After doing my work at the team facility at Santa Clara, I got an email from KRON 4 asking me to come on that night to do an interview with Gary Radnich about the 49ers. I thought about it, and I realized it was an opportunity that I could not pass up.

I grew up watching KRON 4 and Radnich is actually a guy that I think is cool. But being in Santa Clara, the drive up to make it there by 6:45 would have been a beast. I had to find a friend to carpool with me to help me skip through the traffic. My boy Truth got my back and we went to the city.

We got there about a half hour early, so I started taking pictures of the set as they were broadcasting the evening news live. And during my interview, there were more pictures too.

The set was small (not surprised) and every 90-degree turn was a new set. I watched as Catherine Heenan, Kimberlee Sakamoto and Jacqueline Bennett report the news.

Then at around 6:45, I got into my chair and put my microphone on. In comes Gary Radnich, who waves hi to me. He gets in his seat and then does his sports report. He then previews my segment by asking me about Chad Ochocinco and if he would be a good roommate.

During the commercial, he comes over to me and we talk about who I was, where I’m from and just how I like my work. Then right then we transitioned to on-air talk. I was told to look at Gary the whole time, so I didn’t know what was on the screen.

Gary asked quick questions (we only had three minutes) but I answered them quickly. We talked about Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and Braylon Edwards. People told me I killed it, which was cool. Afterward, I gave him my business card and we even took a picture.

They liked my energy and said they’d like to have me on again. I think I will definitely be back on if they ask me. It was really fun!

Look at me!!!


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