Are you ready for some football? I suppose…

After two weeks of watching this, now let's see what they've learned.

Tonight the 49ers will take on the Saints in their first preseason game. This to me means the start of the NFL season and the beginning of the potentially most stressful next several months of my life.

I will now have to watch football no longer as a fan, but rather as a worker. I can’t enjoy plays, but rather I must record plays on my pad and break it down. I have to focus on every single detail and try to make sense of an entirely new scheme.

And this is the preseason, which means almost 90 different players to pay attention to on the roster. I am going to try my best in taking notes, but this is going to be some kind of animal.

Oh football… I love and hate you for all the right and wrong reasons. Go Niners!


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