Hall of Fame-worthy: My favorite baller of all time Chris Mullin goes into Springfield

My favorite of all time!

Chris Mullin in the Hall of Fame. That just makes me smile.

When I grew up watching the Warriors he was my favorite player. He had that sweet lefty shot and he had that instincts on the court that couldn’t be duplicated. His crew cut, his New York accent, I just loved all of it.

I remember after he left the Warriors for the first time and went to the Pacers. I was really sad. Mullin, in his last game with the Warriors, didn’t play much because he had a bloody lip. It was a sad thing for me to see. But when he was on the Pacers, I cheered so hard for him to win. And when he came back for that final season, I was all smiles again.

Even though his time in the front office went well and ended badly, I always loved what he did for my love of basketball and his love for the Bay Area is just beautiful.

I got me a Chris Mullin throwback jersey and I might just wear it today. Congrats Chris! Now get to your TV show.


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