Moving back to San Jose is kind of like that summer I lived in New York

I just settled into my new room in San Jose. I’ll be living here for several months as I have decided to focus on my 49ers writing for the entire season. I’m living with friends which is cool. But I get the room (the basement) all to myself.

It reminds me of when I lived in New York for two months back in 2007. There in New York, I had my own room and I essentially had to live by myself, make my own money and so forth. Sure this time I am living with people I know, but now I am kind of like a nomad. Or something like that.

I have my own room, I’m working most of the day and at night, I am off on my own. This is the kind of independence that I haven’t really had since I last lived in San Jose. But this is more like New York because I am starting from scratch and I know that my stay here probably won’t be long.

Anyway, enjoy the video!


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