Taking off your shoes in an Asian household goes wrong and how the emergency box saved me

Thanks to my emergency box, my foot is OK!

Most of you know the unwritten rule that when you enter an Asian household, you need to take off your shoes. Well, since a kid, that has been embedded in me and I have gone with it. It makes sense (to keep carpet clean) and it’s practical. In all my years of doing it, nothing has ever gone wrong… until tonight.

I live in a house full of Asian people and naturally, I take off my shoes inside. And since I live here, I am barefoot. But while walking, I stepped on something sharp. I didn’t notice it at first until the bottom of my foot started to feel funny. I looked at it and there was this deep cut. Very nasty. I ran immediately up the stairs to the bathroom to try to run my foot under cold water.

And in the process, my bloody foot got blood on the carpet. Totally not cool. And once after I ran my foot in cold water, I realized I had no bandages. What was I going to do?

I remembered that in my trunk is my emergency box. This is a box that is filled with things in case of an emergency. Inside is a shirt, a pair of shorts, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, contact solution, bandages, a deck of cards, deodorant and the Bible. All of that in a small box in my car.

(This box has saved me on a couple occasions when I had to stay over at a friend’s place last minute).

I had to rush out to my car with my bloody foot to get my one bandage and try to apply it after re-washing my foot. In the end, the bandage was applied and I quickly cleaned the carpet.

It’s just surprising that after all these years of no shoes in the house, it finally hurt me. A bloody foot. It’s not so bad, but still, it hurt. Glad that my awesome emergency box was in my car. If it wasn’t, I would have been screwed big time.

Now I think I should vacuum the house just to be safe.


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