I met one of my favorite sports writers last night and he was so nice to me

Good writer, but even greater person.

You want a feel good story from last night’s 30-7 pounding at Candlestick Park? How about a story of a 49ers writer (me) making friends with a Texans writer (John McClain).

First, let me tell you why John McClain of the Houston Chronicle is one of my favorite writers.

I first heard about McClain a few years ago when watching the NFL Network and seeing him on several “Top 10” programs. Having been part of the Houston football community, he knew so much about the Houston Oilers. I really enjoyed his insight about Bum Phillips, “White Shoes” Johnson and all the great history of the Oilers.

Fast forward to last year when I was at Bleacher Report for my internship. One of the things that I had to do was to find stories on football teams and the Houston Texans were one of my assignments. Throughout the internship, I would frequent the Houston Chronicle‘s site for stories and I would always use stories from McClain. I really appreciate his knowledge and his writing is very welcoming to readers. I became a fan.

Last night, McClain was in the pressbox covering the game. I saw him but he looked so busy all night that I didn’t approach him until the very end when I was ready to leave. I had to at least introduce myself.

I approached him and I told him that I enjoyed reading all his work during my internship. He was so appreciative of my comments. I told him that I was writing, covering the 49ers and he openly offered advice to help me in my writing. He said that if I have any question, I could drop him an email anytime. I was blown away by how nice he was. I knew he was a very cool guy (and intelligent) but having an experienced writer (30+ years in covering Houston sports) offer me, a young cat, some help was simply amazing.

I am glad that I got to meet him. And this adds on to another reason as to why I really like McClain. Great writer and much like his columns, he engages the reader. Last night, he engaged in a brief conversation with me and offered me something I never thought I would get.

It’s the little things in my job that make it so much fun for me.

I am not going to remember much, anything from the game. But that small conversation will last with me forever.


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One response to “I met one of my favorite sports writers last night and he was so nice to me

  1. Keep covering games…the memories will become fewer and fewer unless they’re really GREAT moments, like TO’s catch from Steve Young to beat the Packers in 1999

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