I was on TV last night during the A’s game on two separate occasions! (Videos in post)

Hey look, it's me on TV again!

Last night, me and my friends (Delbert, Eric and Monica) were at the A’s game and it was one of the coolest experiences I ever had.

At around the top of the fifth inning, the crew of Stomper (♥ him) and Kara (♥ she’s awesome) came up to the Value Deck to do a quick video on the DiamondVision screen with some kids. They were asked questions about who the TV announcers were. Since one of the answers was Ray Fosse, I held up my bobblehead that I had gotten before the game and pointed at it to help the kids.

But that wasn’t the only time was on TV. As you can see in the video, a foul ball came up our way and the guy in the yellow (in front) didn’t go for the ball and it bounced back down to the second level. You can see me co “C’Mon man!” to him. We joked about it.

But that’s not even the coolest part of the evening. You see, I foolishly wore shorts to the game and I was freezing. So because of that, I was moving my body a lot to keep warm. And to do that, I decided to dance to songs throughout the game.

They caught me on camera and the camera crew took notice. After that first segment with the kids, we approached Kara since Monica wanted a picture with her. We talked a bit (she figured I was her FB friend since I mentioned her vacation) and got to talking about if anyone of us has a Wii. Monica said she does and they wanted me to do some dancing after a segment. I said OK.

Then in the middle of the sixth, all of us were on DiamondVision as Kara asked me what Andrew Bailey thought was the greatest invention in the past 10 years. The choices were Angry Birds, Tomtom GPS or something else I can’t remember.

“I say Angry Birds because I play that too!” I said.

I was right and we won a MLB 2K11 game for the Wii. (I don’t own a Wii, so I gave it to Monica).

Kara then asked me why I like coming to the Coliseum. I started blabbing about how I love coming the place because I grew up watching this team and I just love this team… and we love Stomper. Then they zoomed out and to celebrate, I did the Dougie, moved like Bernie and acted a fool on DiamondVision.

It was awesome and Kara said we were so fun! And yes, I was on DiamondVision looking awesome!! Yeyeah!!! And this might have been my last A’s game of the season, so an awesome way to end it… plus the A’s won 9-2!!!!


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