I just saw ‘Moneyball’ and it was totally fantasmic!

Me right before the movie. Excitement!!!

I just got back from an early showing of Moneyball. I got a pass to see this movie 10 days before it comes out through some promotion from GoFoBo (never heard of it).

But anyway, I got in line at AMC 14 in Saratoga with my buddy at around 5PM. We sat in line, played some Fruit Ninja and we were one of the first people in the theater. Since they didn’t want us to pirate the movie, they asked us to either put all our electronic devices (cameras, cell phones) in our cars or drop them off at the front and pick up later. That would have wasted too much time, so in the car it went.

When we got into the theater, it was a pretty cool atmosphere. I could tell most of the people weren’t A’s fans, but rather fans of free things. It was exciting, thrilling for me to see this movie in person and early!

When the lights dimmed and the film started to roll, I started the “LET’S GO OAKLAND!” chant and people joined in with me. It was totally sweet. Then some loser Giants fan said something an we booed him.

Tickets to the show. Yes please!!!

After that, the movie began and I was just entranced. I won’t spoil the movie because well, I can’t. People know the story and all I can say is that it matches with the book. The story doesn’t really go so into detail like the book, but I can tell that the same message was sent.

It was hard to get into it because it was a little slow and there’s more dialogue than action. But if you’re a baseball fan, you’ll appreciate the verbage and terminology thrown around.

My only problem is that they didn’t focus enough on the players. There wasn’t enough on the stories of Ricardo Rincon, Miguel Tejada, Barry Zito and all the other things that contributed to the streak. (And why was Art Howe evil?). I thought the streak would be the final scene, but they extended it into the aftermath.

I didn’t like it at first but after a bit, I realized it was the perfect ending. It sucked that I didn’t see my face in the movie (I think I was cut out of the screen) but overall, as a baseball fan, A’s fan and a movie guy, this movie entertained me. It won’t win an Oscar or anything, but it told a story that didn’t have your super happy Hollywood ending. It had an ending of hope and desire… and maybe that’s the best way to tell the story of the Oakland A’s.


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