Crazy shooter still at large and he’s hiding across the street from my house

So here’s the quick scoop (news version here): Man shoots person at gas station, steals his car. Then goes to shopping plaza, dumps that car and kidnaps lady while taking her car. Then he decides to hide in a house across the street from where I live.

Here’s the news report on it.

It was weird because I heard sirens but I didn’t think about it. But as I walked out, I saw loads of cops blocking entrances in and out. Then the SWAT team, police dogs, armored car, ambulance and a whole bunch just blocking the street. Nobody can leave, nobody can enter. It’s crazy.

I’ve been watching it all through the night and I cannot believe how long it’s taking. It started at around 6PM and it’s still going on right now. The suspect is supposedly somewhere in the neighborhood but we don’t know where. I’ve been stuck at home all night. But I did take pictures.

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