Farewell to the Coliseum — I’ll see you again next season

One more look at the place I called home for the summer.

So this Wednesday was my last time going to an A’s game this season. It was a little bittersweet in a sense that I was happy that the season was over and the A’s no longer had to struggle through it. Yet at the same time, I’m sad that just like that, baseball was over for me.

I had some really great memories at the Coliseum this year. This was the most times I had ever gone to A’s games in one season. So for me, this season meant a lot to me. Even though the team didn’t do so well, I had tons of fun.

Here are some of my favorite memories (in no specific order)

  • Opening night — way too many emotions as the hope of a new season was upon us
  • Getting that first win after dropping the first two games to Seattle
  • Waiting to see if Matsui could get homer #500 (which he ended up getting on the road)
  • Bob Melvin’s debut
  • Some bombtastic sandwiches with fireworks
  • Root Beer Float Day (and seeing Mark Ellis, getting his autograph right after he was traded)
  • Doing the Dougie and moving like Bernie with Kara and my buddies while being caught on TV
  • Bobbleheads!
  • Free tickets to games and seeing my face printed in the team magazine
  • Being home
Baseball will always be my favorite sport. The A’s will always be my favorite team. It’s another season gone and I have to say goodbye to my loves. But as I think back, I don’t regret a single thing. I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m gonna miss it.

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