Thoughts on this list: 7 Shopping Secrets Retailers Won’t Tell You


Clearance items can be good or bad -- depending on how you approach it.

I came across this article last night and I wanted to share it. Like the title of this entry says, it’s seven shopping secrets that we as the consumers don’t know.

But as I read through this list, one of them stood out to me.

Don’t Turn Right When Entering the Store

“Retail shopping studies have found that most people turn right when they enter a store. That’s because the majority of the population is right-handed and right-oriented,” says Underhill.

Knowing this, stores highlight tempting new items and trends to the right of the entrance. You’ll find that the music is louder and the displays are brighter to attract you where you will look and turn first. This is also where the most expensive items in the store are generally displayed.

Resist the urge: “Shop with blinders on,” says Kay. “Stick to your list with the cash in your hand. Avoid credit card debt at all costs, and head straight to what you came for.”

I never noticed it until I read this, but this holds true. Nearly every store I enter, I have to go right. There are some that force you to go straight or left, but for the most part, all the stores have their prominent items for sale on the right side as I enter the store.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that I do come across hot deals as I turn right. But as for me, I am not a crazy buyer. In fact, I am a pretty smart buyer. I either go into the store with an idea of what I need or if I don’t have any idea, I’ll spend a good time looking through everything before I make a decision.

I also like the strategy of clearance items and why sometimes the rack is all cluttered. But anyway, this was a very interesting read. I like to buy things every now and then, but I didn’t realize that it involved a lot of strategy.


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