Please get your facts straight!

I am not perfect when I do my writing and stuff, but I try so hard to get my facts straight. But when the national media does it, it’s a SMH incident.

Here’s a report from NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk — notorious for having some shoddy reporting. I’ve highlighted the factual errors in their report (just in case they edit the original piece).

Here’s the original piece:

With receiver Josh Morgan’s ankle broken and not many (or any) high-end, ankle-breaking receivers available on the market, the Niners are taking a look at a guy who has been making the rounds this year, but who has yet to find a team.

Matt Maiocco of reports that the 49ers will give a tryout today to veteran receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Houshmandzadeh was a starter in Cincinnati for several years, before signing as a free agent with the Seahawks.  Cut after only one year there, he spent 2010 with the Ravens.

Houshmandzadeh had a great year in 2007, racking up 47 receptions through five games, the most in NFL history.  (Wes Welker has 45 this year.)  Houshmandzadeh finished with 112 catches, which coincidentally matches the number of receptions for Welker that year.

Maiocco reports that 49ers practice-squad wideouts Joe Hastings and John Matthews (both of whom played for Harbaugh when he was the coach at San Diego State) will also have a shot at winning a roster spot.

Here are the three errors in the story:

  1. Morgan actually has a broken bone in his lower leg, not an ankle injury.
  2. Joe Hastings never played for Harbaugh in college — he went to Washburn University.
  3. Harbaugh coached at the University of San Diego, not San Diego State.
Mistakes happen. But getting three major factual errors, including the type of injury, in one small piece is really surprising.
Anyway, as you were.

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