Three people I can’t stand: Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy and Pessimistic Patty

Bad bad bad.

There are three people that I have encountered in my life that I shouldn’t be dealing with. These are the people that suck the life out of the good things out there. These are the people that don’t know how to have fun. These are the people that are so entrenched in the bad things that there isn’t any room for the good things to grow.

Here are the three types of people that I have encountered that are no good people in my life.

Debbie Downer: You know a Debbie Downer when you meet one. They are the kind of person that says one thing that ruins the joyful mood in the room. They’ll say something that just ruins the entire atmosphere for you and your friends.

You come home with a pair of tickets to a concert you want to go to. (Let’s say it’s to Jay-Z or something). You’re super excited and then Debbie Downer says something really negative. Something like this.

“I don’t care about Jay-Z… what I am more concerned about is the environmental damage the preparation of the concert will do to the environment.”

It’s some kind of nonsense where they will say something that totally kills the excitement and worst of all, they express some kind of opinion that nobody cares about. Out of all the responses, they are the only one that just dampens everything.

When you have good news, they’re the only person that doesn’t congratulate you. Instead they decide to tell you their opinion of something that has nothing to do with it. All this Debbie Downer does is just kill the fun. Don’t invite Debbie Downers to your party!

Negative Nancy: This kind of person shoots down every idea you have. They have no faith in your work and also continue to hold you down. A Negative Nancy doesn’t say any words of encouragement. Instead, they find every kind of fault in what you do.

Even though you were told to do a task and you do it correctly, a Negative Nancy will tell you that you did it wrong. This person will continue to make you feel like you can’t accomplish anything.

They don’t make you feel good about anything. And the only reason why I mention this is because I do know a person that does that to me all the time. Holds me down. Not a good environment to be around.

Pessimistic Patty: Optimism is not in Patty’s vocabulary. All this person does is find a way to discourage your bright ideas. They will figure out a way to tell you that hope is not there.

“Maybe we can figure out a way to get out of this situation,” you would say.

And their response.

“No. You’re already screwed. All your options are out. Even if you do find a way to make something happen, all it will end up is becoming a waste of time and you’ll end up failing.”

This Pessimistic Patty doesn’t look at the bright side of life. It’s just the negative things that surround you. There is no hope. There is no reason to believe in a good thing. Pessimistic Patty will constantly remind you that everything is downhill when things get worse.


Yeah, I deal with these people and what sucks is that these people sometimes don’t even know that they’re being so negative. It’s tough because I don’t even know how to bring it up sometimes. But maybe I can find a way to get away from these kinds of people. Don’t really need them in my life.



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21 responses to “Three people I can’t stand: Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy and Pessimistic Patty

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  2. I am all of these three things. I find it terribly annoying post suicidal when I realize that I am doing it since no one wants to be around me and my cynical behavior is so strong even I don’t.

    I wouldn’t suggest running away from people with these strong personality traits, that just makes me more angry, more loud, more confused.

    Just confront the person and tell them they are being an asshole, it’s what I am doing, I am an asshole and I hate things.

    The other way is threaten to leave them if they don’t stop. Sometimes I don’t know how to stop, I just keep going. Letting me know enough-is-enough is the only sure fire way.

    Finally, show these people love. I struggle finding any kind of happiness in life so I can’t help but be overly cynical, dark, depressed, moody, basically a man on his period all day long. Sad thing is, all I want is a hug and companionship.

    Show the love, be direct about how it makes you feel and how you see them, tell them your done, and then walk away.

    I doubt if you didn’t get down so easy and had the courage to speak up, cynical people like myself might just wake up instead of feeling stuck, disconnected, and just plain sad.

    Silly, but true. Great article!

    • The reason why I wrote this is because I deal with these kinds of people all the time. I don’t mind having one every now and then, but too much too frequent is my problem. It’s unhealthy to be around people opposite of yourself so often. I agree that I should confront them but sometimes it’s healthier for me to just not deal with it. More stress on me trying to fix something that’s bigger than me is not easy.

    • MM

      I have struggled with negativity all my life too. After about twenty years of research I realized it’s due to overly active MAO-b enzyme. i.e. it’s genetically determined and not ENTIRELY you fault.
      The point is, it’s X linked. Do don’t ever marry such a woman or all your male kids will be like that

    • anonymous

      How can you, shan, give a words of encouragement if you’re the opposite of someone who does that?

  3. Nancy

    I have a co-worker whose name is Mary……she enjoys using these description of staff negative nancy,etc. her name is Mary, the rest of the staff wants to come up wity an appropiate name for her, what goes round comes around, and maybe she will see her verbilization towards other staff members is not appropriate when it is In,reference to her……got any suggestions…?…unfortunately she is a the. negative…..downer..condescending co-worker that needs a taste of her own medicine……….we need something more than Mean Mary…..thanks

  4. Sam, the more important question to ask is why are these alliterative names are female? Is there no Negative Nick or Dan Downer? Is your intolerance related to women?

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  6. Kimberley

    Loved the article. I just try to give such negative people a wide berth.

  7. Julie B.

    Hi Sam–you forgot another one: Wanda Whiner or Velma Venter. These people only call you to whine about their problems, their bad day at work, etc. They expect you to be their Telephone Therapist. They want to pour all their negative energy onto you, expecting you to listen to them and agree with them. They drain you because they are so negative, whining about everything, and dumping their toxic waste onto you. I’ve known people like these–they call me on the phone, talk for hours, and no matter what words of comfort you give them, they don’t feel better. They just continue to vent and/or whine until it’s out of their system or until you are so frustrated and aggravated that you finally give up. Meanwhile, you’ve wasted 2-3 hours talking to them on the phone. They talk in circles, bringing back the same complaint over and over again. I have dropped two friends because they are Wanda Whiners or Velma Venters, and I’m about to drop a third one. I have so many personal and family problems of my own, the last thing I need is a Velma Venter or Wanda Whiner complaining about their problems. They need to seek professional help and leave me alone.

  8. Well, Positive Patty is the one I find annoying. Many of us have clinical problems, and deserve far more than your scorn just because you don’t want to be ‘inconvenienced’ by our problems. Professional help is expensive, and not always that helpful, in fact, most anti-depressants, CAUSE SUICIDE (you sound to me like the type that would be happy if depressed people killed themselves so you would no have to deal with us any longer), and I hate to break it to you, but many of the things we are upset about, are your problems too. How can you NOT be worried about it? How about instead of being a Condescending Connie, or a Hateful Henry, you could try being an Understanding Ursula. When you tell someone who is clinically depressed to just ‘get over it’, you might as well be saying the same thing to a cancer or AIDS patient, it’s just as realistic.

    Many of you are really, and truly horrible people.

    • Cave

      Mmmhmm Yep! Positive people are the ones that should be called rude. There are many articles out there that say hanging around happy people is a lot better than hanging out with negative people. That is a myth and a lie. I myself have experimented with this. I tried to hang around positive people but every one of them was mean and cruel to me. I never once said anything negative about someone or something. They are the ones with the major screw loose.Positive people are so narrow minded and only care about their feelings, nobody elses. Heads always in the clouds. They are so unrealistic to others around them. Lack of sympathy, empathy and very uncompassionate. Karma will soon come to them and then they will feel what’s it like to be hated for being realistic.

  9. Your Dad

    you guys are whiny as shit. can’t handle difficult world views? grow up

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