What’s coming up next in my life?

I'm going to two more concerts this month. One to see Chris Brown. The other to see The Game.

WOW. I cannot believe it’s already mid-October and there’s just a lot of stuff that’s on my plate… and I have to eat it all.

First, the fun stuff.

As you know, I just got back from the Lupe Fiasco concert last week. It was a great show and he did all the songs I liked… and more. This coming Saturday, I will get to see Chris Brown. I have been a Brown fan since Day 1. He makes great music and is a tremendous dancer. He is a great artist.

Of course, people want to remember him from his acts outside of his music. The Rihanna incident. The chair throwing incident. He’s a crazy guy. But I have always wanted to see him perform. I heard his concerts are wild, so let’s see how I handle all that.

And several days later, I will be on my way to San Francisco to see The Game perform. He has been one of my favorite rappers since he debuted in 2004. I always thought he was the most talented member of G-Unit and now I get to see him perform. His newest album is starting to grow on me, but I still feel his best work was his early stuff.

He has this great fiery passion and brings a great West Coast flavor. I hope that this show will be off the chain.

Being back in San Jose has been nice as I have been hanging out with friends a lot more. There are still friends that I haven’t see yet and I hope that I can make the time to do so. I am very thankful to have this time to be back in San Jose.

But the reason why I am here in San Jose is because of work and I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I am enjoying everything I am doing. I am talking with players every day, talking with coaches. I am in the middle of it all, going to home games. I am writing a lot and making OK money.

But the money is something that’s bothering me. I can’t last with this kind of money and I feel that I can do so much more in my career. I like what I am doing, but it’s only a minor thrill. It doesn’t give me that lasting feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I am living the dream. Tons of people would kill to have my job. And I am very grateful. But I am still young and I feel that I can venture out and do so much more. I don’t want my life to be just around the 49ers. Heck, I can branch out and do something that has nothing to do with sports and writing.

I’m still trying to figure out if this is where I am supposed go. Is this what God has in store for me. What I have learned is that I am more than just a sports guy. I hate being viewed as only a sports guy. I am much more than that. I just want something that allows me to interact with people and just make some kind of impact in life.

I am sure that whatever I end up doing, that I will be able to communicate, travel and make some difference in some people’s lives. I think at the end of this season, I am seriously considering to leave what I have completely. I hope that a job opportunity opens up by the time the season ends. If not, I’ll once again be looking for a new job.

I guess I am in a whirlpool of wondering. That’s been me since I graduated. I still want to figure out what is next for me. I am not tied down, I can move anywhere, and more importantly, I am happy to take anything that allows me to be happy.

The biggest fear from all this is that I find something but it doesn’t end up being the right thing. But that’s life.

So this month is going to be a lot more of me trying to enjoy some shows, figure out my career and also fight that lame speeding ticket I got last month. I’m beating that thing!


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One response to “What’s coming up next in my life?

  1. Darnibee

    Don’t let your career find you because it will almost always be lackluster, empty and although you may not be able to put your finger on it, it will be missing something. Decide what it is that you want to do when you “grow up”, I mean what you REALLY want to do and then, pursue it.

    Think of something you truly enjoy. Something you are passionate about. Something that makes you hop out of bed in the morning rip, roaring and ready to go! Something that almost doesnt feel like a job at all because you love it so much. Something that is so wonderful that just as you are about to hit the shower to start your day, you realize…you woke up before your alarm went off! That’s a job that rocks!

    I had an old boss that over heard me and a colleague griping about our humdrum jobs and he spouted off, “That’s why it’s called WORK. How silly would it be to go to FUN all day?” Right then, I knew that wasn’t silly at all. That is the perfect job, a FUN job. Just because he was stuck in a rut didn’t mean that I had to be.

    That put me on the pursuit of digging down deep in my soul to figure out what it is that I’m passionate about. What is it that gratifies me? You know, what gives me goose bumps just thinking about being able to do it for a living? Also, if you absolutely love what you do, the amount of money you are making wont matter as much because you are being gratified in other areas. Money will come, though. Be patient.

    Finally, remember that this job, the next job, and the next job and so on and so on are all stepping stones for gaining experience until you finally attain your ultimate dream job; however, there is no reason you can’t have that job now. As Johnathon Winters once said, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it!”

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