The adventure of buying the ‘We Believe’ vs. ‘Dubs’ Charity game tickets

Tickets baby!!! We Believe!!!

Finally! I got tickets to the “We Believe” vs. “Dubs” charity game!

After days and days of waiting to see when the tickets would go on sale, it finally came to be today at noon. I had originally decided to go to to the Great Mall to buy tickets when I found out that there would be a fee if I bought it there. I would avoid a fee of $10 per ticket if I bought the tickets at the event location. Thus to avoid the fee, I went to SJSU to buy the tickets.

Being the cool cat that I am, I knew where to park. I parked right next to Chalateco without having to worry about meters and whatnot. I got there at around 10:45 and noticed nobody was lined up in front of the box office.

I talked to the ticket lady at Ticketmaster there and she said that I would be the first (or one of the first) in line since I was already there. I hung around, but I knew that it would be a tough task since I needed to buy at least 9 tickets and the maximum per transaction is 8 per person. If I wanted to buy more than 8, I had to return to the end of the line. I was about to call up everybody and their mamas that was on campus when my friend Keith showed up.

Technically, if I had another person with me, that person can count towards a second transaction if he is right behind me. So boom, he and I were there. When they told us to start lining up, I ended up being the second in line. Keith would be the third person, and I would use him to help me get my other 8 tickets.

And then my buddy Anh shows up with about 10 minutes before tickets go on sale. He just jumps right into line where I was and nobody stopped him from cutting. So with me, Keith and Anh, we loaded up on 24 total tickets to the game.

The above photo is the 16 that I have with me right now. It looks like 12 of them will be occupied and 4 of them will be sold to the highest bidder. Excitement!!!



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2 responses to “The adventure of buying the ‘We Believe’ vs. ‘Dubs’ Charity game tickets

  1. I didn’t cut, you saved me a spot via cell phone call 😀

    FYI, Did you enjoy your La Vic’s meal with XL drink, remember our pac! LOL

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