Quick thoughts on the World Series and who I was rooting for

Poor Wash.

That was a fun World Series! That was a fun one for sure.

But when the World Series began, I was partially torn. There were players/managers on both teams that I really loved. But in the end, since one of the teams was the Texas Rangers, I had to cheer for the Cardinals.

The Cards have players I like. They have Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, Rafy Furcal, Arthur Rhodes, Octavio Dotel and manager Tony La Russa. It was a good bunch of players.

But on the Rangers, they had fewer. They had Josh Hamilton and Michael Young. And they have one of my all-time favorite people: manager Ron Washington. Every time I see Wash, I just smile because he was a great guy to me when I was a kid. He did great for the A’s and I will always be his supporter.

However, these are the Texas Rangers. They are the rivals of the A’s. They have bad guys on the team like Adrian Beltre and CJ Wilson. Because of them, I couldn’t cheer for them.

So in the end, it was more for the Cardinals. They weren’t the bad guys. They were the good guys. The Rangers had a few good guys… but more bad guys on the team. I’m happy for the Cards and hope that one day, Wash will get his ring with another team (maybe Oakland) soon.


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