I got linked on the Yahoo! Sports football blog

Thanks to Shutdown Corner for linking me.

I have been linked before to Shutdown Corner, a Yahoo! Sports football blog, in the past. But those previous linkages have been related to my ideas of uniforms. But today, this was the first time that I actually got linked to actual reporting.

On Monday, the blog had a piece about officiating controversies from the previous day.

One of the issues involved Jim Harbaugh and apparently I was the first person of the beat writers to post an article from Harbaugh’s Monday press conference. In that press conference, I asked Harbaugh about the penalty the team received and if he had been in contact with the league.

The blog linked my article since I had quotes from his presser about the incident. Obviously the quotes can be found elsewhere, but I think with the wording of my article, the SEO and everything else, my article popped up.

This is pretty cool I think. It means that my work is viewed as a legitimate source for news and it gives my page extra exposure. That’s also pretty cool.

** I also worked on a transcript with Tom Rathman and sent it out to my fellow beat writers. I got credit for it on the SF Chronicle page.


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