Thoughts on this Joe Paterno mess

Joe Paterno had to go. It's a sad way to end his career.

There isn’t a need for me to go into detail on the whole mess but there are a few things that are on my mind.

First, Joe Paterno was one of those guys that I thought was really awesome for coaching Penn State since 1966. He has been consistent and just a great leader. I knew that at the age of 84, his time would come to an end soon. But I thought at least that he would leave on his own terms.

But with this scandal out, I feel bad for him. Yes, he should have reported to the proper authorities (police) instead of someone just within the school, but does he deserve to be fired for that?

Yes, he could have done more. But at the same time, the one who actually witnessed the abuse gets to keep his job. It’s very disturbing that this stuff happened and it took this long to get it taken care of.

I suppose the hardest thing for me to digest is that by firing Paterno and the president, it feels like the problem is solved. The problem is still there and worst of all, it lingered.

Should Paterno be fired? I don’t think he should, but at the same time, with this situation, he had to be fired. It’s not fair. But it’s the way things are. It’s a sad time for a guy that’s so respected. But with all this mess, someone has to take the fall for the time and that’s JoePa.

I’m sick of hearing about it on the TV and I sure don’t want to bring it up during work. But it’s not going to leave. It’s just going to stick around for a while and it’s just not cool.


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