How often do you actually say ‘thank you’ to someone?

The box knows what's up.

I know. It’s Thanksgiving and we’re supposed to give thanks and stuff. But how often do we actually give thanks? Is it once a year? I hope not.

Here’s the thing. I try to be thankful every day. In fact, I realized that saying “thank you” to someone means a lot to a person. Whenever someone thanks me for something, I feel special. I feel important. I feel like I mean something. It may be small, but it goes a long way.

Every day now I try to say “thank you” as much as I can. I want to share that feeling with others. I want to let the people I interact with know that I value them. I want them to know that they are worth something and they are important to me.

So don’t just give thanks today and think about the good things in your life. Instead of saying thanks for what you have, give thanks to someone and brighten up their day.


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