My Black Friday experience… or whatever you want to call it

This is where I was standing in line two hours before the doors opened. It wrapped around the parking lot.

I had no intention of buying anything on Black Friday. In fact, the only thing I really wanted was a new copy of Madden 12 (since I scratched my old one) and that wasn’t worth lining up for only to save about $10.

But my friend wanted a laptop from Best Buy so we decided to go line up there. But first, we went to Walmart because they had my game for $28 and the sale started at 10PM. Unfortunately, since the Walmart was in Richmond, I had to endure ghetto people and uneducated Walmart employees. Forget it. I’ll try my luck at Best Buy.

Got to Best Buy at around 10PM and stood in line there for no reason — but only to support my buddy as he wanted to get his game. We stood next to a Chinese family (speaking all Chinese) trying to buy things they don’t need just because they were cheap.

They also were playing some Harry Potter movie on a big screen to entertain people in the front. Meh. There were tents and stuff and it was stupid cold. I was tempted to walk to some place to buy some food to keep me warm. But I didn’t.

After two hours of standing and doing nothing, we finally made it in. I split with my buddy. He went straight to the laptops and I went to video games. There were plenty of copies of the game I wanted, so that was easy for me. For my buddy, the laptop he wanted was gone but also, he realized it wasn’t the best option for him. So after all that waiting, we only ended up getting that one video game. Then we retreated back to my house so I could jump on that online sale at Mitchell & Ness.

I got this for only $100.

Then we went to IHOP and that was that. And also, that IHOP was packed at 2AM. Go figure…


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