A truck crashed into my parked car and now I can’t drive it

Yesterday, my parked car got hit and now it’s no longer drivable (is that a word?). I was indoors while this whole thing happened, so I am going based off what was seen by a witness.

A freight truck by Sysco was delivering things off at team headquarters and he drove past the driveway. My car was parked along the sidewalk near the driveway. As the truck tried to back into the driveway, his trailer hit the back of my car and thus resulted in the pictures seen below.

Fortunately, the driver doesn’t have a record of bad driving and he was remorseful. Dealing with AAA, tow truck, body shop and car rental people was really smooth. I dealt with good people. It just sucks that this accident happened and now my car is in the shop for maybe two weeks or so. Oh well.



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2 responses to “A truck crashed into my parked car and now I can’t drive it

  1. First, of all, yes ‘drivable” does seem to be a word. It is curious, though, that the online dictionary refers to ‘drive’ not drivable., still it is a word.

    Second, the insurance company IS providing you a rental car, correct? If yours does not, the insurance for SYSCO should.

    It is always an inconvience but a good company makes it easier to bear.

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