The NBA: Where if you’re not an elite team, you’re irrelevant happens

NBA = No fun

So this is why I don’t care about the NBA anymore. Chris Paul goes to the Lakers, an already elite team. Dwight Howard is likely to join them. (Sucks, I am a huge Chris Paul fan. I have his shoes and jersey. Now I feel guilty with them.)

Last year, LeBron James and Chris Bosh formed the nWo in Miami with Dwyane Wade. It’s just a mess.

In fact, the NBA has been really hard to watch for a long time. It just seems that entering every season, there are only a handful of teams that are legit title contenders. Every other team has no chance. And with these past offseasons, the strong get stronger.

Take it from me, a Warriors fan, getting Chris Paul would have been huge. Instead, he goes to the Lakers and the rich get richer.

I’m not liking what the NBA has become. In fact, I hate it. There’s not point in caring. There’s no point in watching my team. It will mean the wins are meaningless. As long as parity is nonexistent, the NBA will be nothing to me.

I used to love the NBA, but now it’s dropped to my least favorite sport of the top four in America. The bad officiating, the egos and all the nonsense makes this league so uninteresting. There’s no challenge and excitement.

The playoffs will be no fun. There are only going to be a small group of elite teams that will end up in the Finals. There will be no surprise. In fact, it looks like it’s going to be the Lakers and Heat in the Finals.

I was hoping the lockout would wipe out the entire season. Instead now, it looks like the players are controlling everything and entering this season, we’ll have a lot of dominance from the elites.

Oh well. I guess I won’t care about basketball this year. I’ll stick to my hockey, football and baseball.

Am I bitter? Probably. But as a fan of a team that’s not part of the elite, that’s how I feel. It just sucks that a good sport is being wasted away. College ball is much better now.

Whatever. I don’t care about the NBA anymore. As long as the little teams keep getting pushed aside, it’s just a horrible monopoly.


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  1. Getting Chris Paul will finally give the Lakers a true point guard, one they haven†t had since Magic.

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