Time for me to clean out my Corolla and say goodbye

Goodbye baby.

So later this morning, I will have to go back to the body shop and clean out my car. The car is no longer operable and it will have to be turned over to the insurance company.

I am going to miss the car. It’s been good to me. My dad bought it in 2002 and let me use it full time in 2009. I’ve been to a lot of places in the car. I’ve driven it up as far as Sacramento and as down as Los Angeles. It’s a comfortable drive and a reliable car too. But now I have to let it go and get a new car.

I don’t know what car I am going to get but I have to look for the right one. But it’s going to suck to say goodbye to my car.



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3 responses to “Time for me to clean out my Corolla and say goodbye

  1. Wow! that does stink. Have you negotiated this with the insurance company yet?

  2. Just wanted to see if you have negotiated that amount yet….if not, be sure that they are not to skimpy on the check. Your time and inconvience in this case could be covered by the other company. If you had it all paid for, then you should strive to have a similar car that also is all paid for.

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