Am I the only one that doesn’t dig Christmas music?

These guys got it right though. They celebrate Jesus.

Wow, I do sound like a Grinch don’t I? Maybe it’s because I have heard it, sung it so many times as a kid that it’s just meh to me. Maybe it’s just because I think Christmas is so watered down to politically correctness or whatever.

Think about it this way. Christmas is no longer about Jesus. It’s that Happy Holidays nonsense and I just don’t feel the Christmas spirit. I don’t dig the seemingly forced pressure to give gifts to people. I just don’t really understand all that’s surrounding me.

Another thing that maybe could be the reason why I don’t dig Christmas because my Christmases as a kid were different. I never believed in Santa ever as a kid. I knew when I was a kid that he was fake, the facts were there. So I guess all this reindeer, Santa, elves things never meant anything to me as a kid.

I suppose the real reason I don’t dig Christmas songs because most of them don’t mean anything to me. I never grew up with snow, Santa, chestnuts on open fire. I just had a regular Christmas. I had gifts, a tree and a constant reminder about Jesus.

Where’s the Jesus during this time of year? None. It’s been taken away from the politically correctness people. I just wish there was more Jesus and less fake stuff during this time of year.

But I do love this song though…



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