Would my childhood have been different if I believed in Santa?

Bad Santa.

So this was a conversation I had with my friends about their childhood. They believed in Santa as a kid and they said that Christmas was always fun because they anticipated gifts from Santa.

Me on the other hand, I never believed in Santa. Here is my reason why. So every Christmas, I never anticipated any surprise. I knew that the gifts that were under the tree would remain unchanged the very next morning.

That got me wondering: Would Christmas have been different for me if I did believe in Santa? Would I have had more fun? That probably would have been true, but I grew up not believing in Santa.

It wasn’t even that my parents told me Santa wasn’t real, I just figured it out on my own. But it would have been nice to have a Christmas believing that Santa was real. But it probably would kill me when I found out that I was believing in a lie.

Oh well…


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