49ers-Steelers Monday Night Football game in which I meet Steve Young after some darkness

It’s late and I am tired as I write this, so I’ll make it quick.

Last night was one of the most interesting nights for me. If you watched the game, you know that the place had a blackout on two separate occasions. It was strange with the lights out, but we resumed everything normally. It was just frustrating that it was delaying our time.

Now for the cool stuff. When I got there, I saw Jon Gruden. I said hi to him. He said hi to me. That was that. Nice!

Later, I saw Rick Reilly and I was partially afraid that he might recognize me from this. But we exchanged greetings and I even helped him find his seat. Later during the second blackout, I even took a picture with him!

Me with the guy that inspired me to become a sportswriter.

I went into the game hoping that I would be able to say hi to both Gruden and Reilly. But my ultimate goal was to say hi to Steve Young, my favorite 49er of all time.

Last year, I was able to shake his hand and say hi. But I never got a picture.

Before the game, Young was signing autographs for fans and even tossing the ball to Jerry Rice. I tried to get a picture with him then but the opportunity never came.

But fortunately that the game was a somewhat blowout, so I was able to make it down to the sideline before the game ended and I did get my picture with him.

Me with Steve Young!

Very nice! And of course, the normal stuff. I just found it really awesome that I finally got a chance to meet my hero.

Overall, Monday was pretty cool.


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