Thanks to the A’s on Twitter, I just won myself three new bobbleheads!

During the month of December, the A’s are running a contest every day on Twitter. Every day at 11AM, they’ll release a question to the followers and whomever responds at the right time will win.

Today’s contest question was this:

The rules never said that I couldn’t respond more than once, so I decided to enter nine responses in about a minute.

Here were my responses:

  • I love baseball
  • They entertain me
  • THey are awesome
  • Makes me happy
  • I love them
  • Love team colors
  • Love love love
  • I just am
  • Go A’s go!!!

Apparently, one of these ended up being the 30th response.

So I will be getting the bobbleheads of Gio Gonzalez, Rollie Fingers and Scott Hatteberg. All free because of Twitter. Hooray Twitter!!!!


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