Thinking like Billy Beane: Why would I trade away Cahill, Gonzalez and Bailey?

Farewell my friends.

I’m trying to wrap my head around this and it’s hard. How can the A’s trade away their last three All-Star game representatives in a matter of weeks? What is Billy Beane thinking?

And then I come to realize that maybe he is on to something.

Keeping these three would be expensive (with arbitration, new contract, etc.) and maybe like the trades of Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson, getting rid of them right before they peak is just the way to go.

But have these players peaked? Cahill was not himself this year after a good start and maybe he was already on the decline. Maybe Gonzalez’s high walk total suggested that he’s losing control. Maybe Bailey’s too injury prone.

I don’t know if my thinking is right. Maybe I’m wrong. But I feel that the A’s hauled in a lot of young talent that has potential. But to give away the best players right now hurts. It’s another 100-loss season coming up ahead it seems like with no superstars on the roster. (I know the A’s haven’t had a 100-loss season in some time, but last few have felt like it.)


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