Happy New Year! Please stop being so depressed!

What are we really "celebrating"?

Happy New Year!

Well, actually, I don’t celebrate this “holiday”. It’s just a another day on the calendar… a new calendar.

But what gets me about this day is that a lot of people are always saying some nonsense like this.

“Oh I am so glad that 2011 is over. 2011 was a bad, bad year. I hope 2012 is a better year.”

I may be the only one that thinks this, but this really annoys me. I think that unless you’re in the workplace, where the structure of a year is valuable determining success, the lookback at a year isn’t necessary.

People shouldn’t view life in years. They shouldn’t categorize something as good or bad in a 365-day time frame. People need to take a look at life as an every day thing. Life shouldn’t be contained but instead be more free.

So instead of saying that kind of nonsense, how about just keeping your focus forward and live life day by day?

I used to get depressed on New Year’s when I looked back at the year and get sad and stuff. But now I realized that that is just dumb. No need to look back — only forward.

Well, I hope you guys have a responsible time if you’re getting stupid drunk out there or whatever. And let’s live life moving forward.


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