SF Legends Live was a fun night of laughs

I just got back from Legends Live — an event celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Catch. I got in as part of the media and it was odd for me. I saw so many diehard 49ers fans and I was like, “I no longer feel that.”

But once the event started, I was just totally into it. The guys told jokes, making fun of each other. It was so cool to hear their stories and all the memories.

They even talked about the current team. But for me, the whole thing just reminded me how lucky I am to be covering this team and to be around these legends. It was a fun night of laughing and surprisingly hearing some playful profanity from these guys.

But oh man, it was quite a magical night. I had so much fun!

These 49ers greats with all the trophies.


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