The major curiosity and confusion of Jesus Christ in America

Tebow... our generation's messiah/prophet/whatever you call it?

There’s always been this fascination with Christianity in America. Even though the country was founded on the hope of having freedom of religion, recently, this country has taken that away.

Politically correct nonsense has killed Christianity. Taking away “God” from our pledge of allegiance and all that other stuff is really not cool. How much is America going to try to protect people from what is out there? Why is it so hard for America to acknowledge their own history?

It seems that because of all this, people are getting more an more curious. If you keep censoring something, there’s a desire by the people to want it. It’s something that’s common all over America.

It’s like when the government outlawed marijuana. Because of that, there’s a higher demand for it in the drug trafficking world. Had the government not said anything, probably not so much. You take away something, the demand is higher.

(* probably not a great example, but it works for me).

Anyway, this leads to Tim Tebow. As a sports guy, I am surrounded by his stuff all the time. He’s a football player that is open about his faith. The fascination about him is derived from his unconventional play. He plays with a style that’s different from a quarterback we normally see.

And because he’s different, people take interest. And even though when he’s open about his faith, he doesn’t really run it down your throat. In fact, numerous athletes do the same thing he does. But it’s because he is different, the people either praise or crucify his every move.

But realistically, people are just curious about him and what he represents. When he won that playoff game last Sunday, there was a fat amount of interest about him on Twitter. It even broke Internet records.

And when he threw for 316 yards, people started to reach and try to connect John 3:16 to him. Somehow that coincidence was something that people were clamoring for. Because the American audience has been censored from it.

I think what makes this so intriguing to me is that because the audience was looking for an excuse to look up Jesus. They were looking for an excuse to give Christianity a chance. And by using Tebow, they’ve cured that curiosity.

Now of course, if Tebow loses the next game, then the hype will die down. People will more than likely return to normalcy. But at least it showed that America is curious about Jesus because deep inside, they need him.

This video invaded my Facebook feed this week. Apparently, it’s also very popular as it is one of the highest rated videos on YouTube this week.

The message in this video is very clear: Jesus and religion are not the same.

But what caught my attention was not the message, but rather the reaction to it. This message is something that I have believed for a very long time. I grew up in a church that was all about religion. It was full of rituals, actions and all that. It was never really about the relationship with Jesus.

That’s what the message was about and to me, it was something that didn’t take me by surprise. The surprising part was reading the comments and posts on this and how people seemed surprised by it.

I guess that’s what hurts me about Christianity is that it’s viewed as a religion. Religion is a creation of man of what their perception of what God would want. That’s what I grew up in and that’s what disallowed me to connect with God.

The basis of Christianity is not a religion, rather it’s a relationship with Jesus. There isn’t a need of a lot of rules, structure. Instead, it’s all about loving Jesus and loving His people.

So as this video continues to gain more popularity, it still shocks me that the general perception of Christianity is that it’s still a religion. And even with people who claim to be Christian, this is like big news to them.

I don’t know what all of this means really. Is America really hoping and trying to get a better understanding of Jesus Christ? Or are they already putting this misconception of it and it’s starting to show?

I’m not sure. I really don’t. All I know is that America needs Jesus. I’m surprised that it took a football player and a YouTube video to spark the interest. The message is so much bigger that it didn’t need these two things to make it happen.

But here we are America. So much nonsense has taken Jesus away from us. Let’s get Jesus back in our lives. Let’s find Jesus and welcome Him. Not just America, but we need to get this world singing praises for Him.


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