Custom painting my new Coco Crisp Oakland Athletics bobblehead (with afro!)

When Coco Crisp busted out the afro back in 2011, I knew that this was an opportunity to work on this crazy project. I had hoped the A’s would have done it for a giveaway but I just felt that this opportunity was too good to pass up.

[I ended up meeting him on Sunday and link to my story at bottom of post]

I paid $25 for this 2005 Cleveland Indians Crisp bobblehead and got to working on it. This surprisingly only took me two days to complete. The painting was relatively easy. Deciding what to use for his afro was a different story. I wish I could have found a base bobblehead of him playing defense, but him running the bases works out fine too.

After the jump, I’ve included a slideshow with each slide detailing every step of this project. (To see my other bobblehead works, click here)

The before and after of the Coco Crisp bobblehead project.

What do you think? I think it turned out well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**EDIT: Met Coco on Sunday and he loved the bobblehead. He even signed it for me. His agent was there and said that he would like for me to possibly do another one for Coco’s family. Here’s my blog post on him meeting me and signing my bobblehead.



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7 responses to “Custom painting my new Coco Crisp Oakland Athletics bobblehead (with afro!)

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  3. Hey Sam,

    Loved this post and the one where you showed it to Coco. It inspired me to write a post about it – hope that’s alright with you. Check it out over at (Pingback above).

    • Thanks for writing up on it. I had been doing custom bobbles for some time but I didn’t know that it would get this kind of attention. Your post was a fun read. Thanks for checking in on my work.

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  5. Mike

    Hi Sam,

    Your posts on customizing bobbleheads has gotten me inspired to try it myself. Do you have any tips like specific brands of acrylic paint work best? Also, is there a specific dremel tool tip you use or type of varnish? Any tips would be appreciated as I’m trying to convert a Brewers CC Sabathia to a Yankees Sabathia. Thanks!

    • I use Craft Smart acrylic paint. You can get them at Michaels. The tip of dremel is whatever you think is best. I am not sure what mine is called, but it just has to be some sort of sanding tip that you use on low speed. Just gently sand off any unwanted parts.

      As for the varnish, go with gloss or matte. Gloss is what gives this Coco one the shine but matte works well for road grays. Maybe a matte for the cap and gloss for the jersey.

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