My fantastic time at Oakland A’s Fanfest in which Coco Crisp gets a kick out of the bobblehead I made of him

Coco loved the bobblehead I showed him.

Sunday was Oakland A’s Fanfest and I was so glad it returned. Held at Oracle Arena, they had Q&A, photos, autographs and a bunch of other things. I got a chance to do as much as I wanted and after looking back at it, this may have been the most perfect day.

The day started off with me getting to the Coliseum with my buddy Chris stupid early. We wanted to be one of the early birds to buy tickets to A’s games. We then realized that unlike last year, there was no incentive in buying tickets early. So instead, we went straight to the Fanfest line.

The entrance was right next to the photo booth, so he and I went immediately to line up there and get our photos taken with David Justice and Scott Hatteberg. Right after that, we got right back in line to get a photo with Jermaine Mitchell and Coco Crisp.

Coco signed my bobblehead!!

I had painted a Coco Crisp bobblehead earlier this week and I wanted the player himself to see it. When he saw it, he was all smiles and kept cracking up about it. He even signed it. It looks fantastic!!!

After all that, Chris and I decided to sit in on the Q&A. It was nice for Kara (she’s awesome!) and Dick Callahan to emcee the Q&A.

I noticed that Bob Melvin was walking around the floor and I tried to get his attention. It was to be after he signed autographs that he saw me again and I got him to sign my custom Bob Melvin bobblehead. He was in a rush and the pen wasn’t all that, but it was cool that he finally signed it after waiting last year to get it done.

As I was walking back up to my seat, a couple guys asked me to see my bobblehead. They would then tell me that they recognized me from my YouTube videos from all my bobblehead projects. I gave them my number because they were interested in me possibly doing something for them in the future.

Then as I prepared to leave, a man approached me and said that he was Coco Crisp’s agent. He gave me his card and asked me to call him. He was thinking of maybe I could paint another one for his client. Pretty sweet.

I also got a chance to take a photo with all four trophies by myself. The tradition continues!!

The last leg of the tour came as we did a quick look through the team clubhouse. Now that was pretty sweet. It was an overall real cool day.

And what’s also really cool is that my photos I turned into the Fanfest is on the team website! And if you want, here’s all the photos I took that I uploaded onto Facebook.



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6 responses to “My fantastic time at Oakland A’s Fanfest in which Coco Crisp gets a kick out of the bobblehead I made of him

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  3. You definitely would NOT want to cover the A’s. It would taint your fan experience!

  4. Ken

    Hey Sam,

    I’m an A’s fan and I run a humble facebook fan page called Project Athletics. I came across your bobblehead on another site and wanted to know if it was cool to post this link of it up.

    Let me know, because your bobble mod is awesome!



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