I spent four hours in a court room and only ended up saving myself $61

Good lunch after a long, boring morning.

I woke up stupid early today to make sure I got to Fremont for my traffic court hearing. I woke up at 7AM because I underestimated traffic. I got there at 8AM. The start time was 9AM.

(I had been cited for speeding and I was hoping that I could possibly get it reduced and if I was lucky, maybe it would even be dismissed).

What happened was that the judge got sick. So we waited 90 minutes for a replacement judge to come in. Some people even rescheduled because the wait was long. This replacement judge was cool. He was dismissing nearly every case presented to him. I was excited to get him. But they never called my name.

Then they switched him out for another judge. The room was sad. This judge was nice, but she was long-winded. And I sat there, waiting and waiting. I kept waiting and waiting. And finally at 12:50PM, they finally called my name. I was the last one left in the room.

I pleaded my case and tried to give her a reason why I was going 83 MPH (was on my way to church — no lie). But of course, that’s still no excuse. But she was nice enough to reduce my fine from $236 to $175. But I still requested traffic school, which was an additional $57 plus whatever the cost of the school actually is.

What sucked was that if I was one of the first people to get called up, I likely would have gotten my case dismissed. Instead, I was the last called and couldn’t find a way to get it cleared off. And I wore a shirt and tie to the thing while everyone else was just casual.

Nuts, now I have to pay that, then do traffic school and whatever.

But at least after that, I met up with my friend and had some good Filipino food.



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2 responses to “I spent four hours in a court room and only ended up saving myself $61

  1. you gotta get yourself “great big cadillac, gangsta whitewalls, tv antennas in the back” then just cruise with the “diamond in the back, sun rooftop, diggin the scene gangsta lean”

    then you’ll never have to worry about speeding tickets

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