Chris Brown performing at tonight’s Grammy Awards is totally OK with me

I am going to make this quick. I came across this link I saw on my Facebook feed today. The piece says that it is not OK to have Chris Brown perform at the Grammys because three years ago, Brown and Rihanna had that incident. Because Brown hit a woman, he should not be allowed to go back.

I obviously think this is a dumb reason. Here was my response in a comment:

I find this ridiculously funny because it’s so dumb. Are we only allowed to have people who don’t make mistakes perform at the Grammys? If so, then nobody would be allowed to show up.

The Grammys is here to honor music, not to look on past mistakes. I have been a Chris Brown fan since day one and even when that mess happened a few years ago, I didn’t just turn away from him because of it. If I did, that means I had to turn away from all other music artists I like that have done bad things in the past. I forgave him.

If we don’t allow any artists to be featured/honored at the show because of their bad past, then that means we wouldn’t be allowed to honor John Lennon (unless we’re OK with divorce rates going up), Whitney Houston (unless we’re OK with drug abuse) or even guys like Eminem and Elton John perform together (unless violent messages, homophobia is totally OK).

Back to Brown. He’s not perfect and he has still has bad moments of judgment every now and then. But as a music artist, he’s amazing. So what are we really celebrating at the Grammys? Is it music or every aspect of a person’s life?

This piece was written by a woman and most comments are from women and I’ll never understand how it feels from their perspective. But if can’t even define what forgiveness is or even the purpose of the Grammys, then what are we really angry about?

These are my thoughts. Anyone else feel the same way?


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