If it’s trending on Facebook, then it must be the thing to do?

Remember when everybody and their mamas was doing the “Shit ____ says” or something like that? Why was that so popular. I watched some of them and I just found all of them dumb.

But one by one, new ones came out and I just sat there wondering why people were on Facebook wasting their time with that.

Then last month, it was the photo images of “What people think I do” and I started to wonder about the state of people on Facebook. Why are these trends so popular that once a couple people do it, everyone jumps on it?

I even remember when everyone changed their profile to some cartoon character because something with no merit told them to do it.

It got real weird when that Kony video showed up. I saw at least 25 of my friends share it. I didn’t watch it. I read up about it and how the video is out of date with missing facts. And I just realized that a lot people just do things because everyone else is making it a trend.

Sure the Kony message is important in a whole sense, but people blindly making “awareness” happen without real action is pointless. Their passion for Kony next month will be gone and they’ll be back to their normal selves.

Maybe I’m not too naive or maybe I am just old school, but I really can’t stand jumping onto something that everyone else is doing. But as I continue to just browse my feed, I really am surprised at how easy it is to sway people to do things without thinking.

For the good causes I see, yeah sure, I’ll maybe post it. But for everything else that I see being posted blindly, I am ignoring it.

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