What if I didn’t like sports — is there more to me?

That was my tweet after I woke up at 2AM to watch the A’s play their game in Japan. Man, am I crazy about sports or what? My sleep schedule is messed up because of this but I don’t regret it.

But recently, I started to wonder how much of me is about sports. My profession is about sports. Most of my expertise on things is sport. Heck, people always go to me about sports. I love it, but I wonder if it’s so much a part of me that I am viewed as only that.

This kind of thinking started when this past 49ers season started when I no longer started to see myself as a 49ers fan. I in fact was started to get disgusted with obsessive fans. These people make their lives surround around their team and it’s kind of hard to watch. Do people view me as that?

As the season continued on, I started to realize that more and more people started to just talk to me about sports. Very rarely do they talk to me about other things. Am I boring in those categories? Or do they not know me as anything else but a sports guy?

My fear is that as I continue to work more and more with sports, the more and more I am perceived as a sports only guy. If I eliminated sports completely out of my life, would people still have something to say to me? Or would I be completely useless in the eyes of my peers?

Do people even know that I love music? Do people know that I actually enjoy fashion? Do people know that I am a great cook? Do people even know that I am a Christian?

That’s my fear. As much as I love sports, it’s actually a scary thing to love it. The more immersed in it I am, the more I feel like that’s how people only see me. I am the sports guy. I don’t want to be the sports guy. I want to be more than that but I don’t think I can ever get that back. I don’t even know how it feels.

I would like for maybe one week sports was not a part of my life. I just want to see how my life would be different and how my friends see me.


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