Don’t be fooled — today is Palm Sunday and you should go dumb

The above is a great clip from a great movie. I think it captures the exact moment of Palm Sunday really well. You have Jesus just coming into town and He’s just absorbing everything in.

There are the doubters that are questioning everything. Why this man? Why all this buzz?

There are the people going stupid celebrating with their palm branches because they believe that Jesus is the answer.

It’s a whole mess of feelings left and right.

I think one of the things that I always took from this movie clip was the reaction of the people. It’s very telling of how the people really were reacting to the arrival of Jesus. Sure they were celebrating and maybe part of it was because everyone else was celebrating. But did the people really understand the magnitude of what was to come?

I doubt it. The people were crying for help inside. They knew that they needed a savior. Jesus was that savior but the people didn’t know what to do with salvation. Look at the people wave their palm branches calling everything from Jesus. They were just letting Jesus do all the work.

(These are the same people that turned on Jesus later in the week too.)

I think the message that we get today is not just that of celebratory, but it’s a message of realization. What does it really mean to celebrate Jesus’ entrance into our lives? Even though it is good to rely on Jesus to get us through things, we have to carry our own weight.

There are big things that we can’t control out there and that’s for Jesus to handle. But if we get complacent and we don’t do our own part in our relationship with Him, it’s no good.

So even though we call out for Jesus to do so much for us, how much are we doing back for Jesus? Are we growing deeper in Him? Are we lifting up the people around us?

Palm Sunday is a reminder that there is a time to celebrate the great welcome of Jesus but it doesn’t mean after the day is over that we’re done either. Our work never ends when it comes to Jesus. The celebration and work is a daily thing. We love Him too much to not do our part.

Go dumb but don't be dumb. Take time to celebrate and work towards a better relationship with Jesus.


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