Good Friday: Look at what Jesus did for us

Good Friday.

Before I go into this blog entry, I want to share the entry I wrote last year on Good Friday. This to me might be the easiest to explain how impactful Jesus’ decision to go through the crucifixion.


I hope that video clip impacts you the way I did.

But now into this year’s entry and my current view on things.

I think one of the things that sometimes get overlooked when we recall the story of Good Friday is the entire process of things Jesus went through. Imagine how hard it was to hold everything in during the trial. Jesus had numerous opportunities to save himself and prevent his death.

Instead, he bore the criticisms of the people, the guards and everything else during that trial. Jesus knew that He had to take on every single insult and hateful action that day. He had to take all those sins up because He knew he had to finish what He started.

What sticks out to me about Good Friday is not just that Jesus died for us, but I think the real impact of the entire aftermath after His death. I can’t remember all the details, but there was a huge shockwave reaction after Jesus’ death that affected the entire community.

His disciples hid for a bit before realizing their calling. The Roman soldier at the cross said “Truly this man was the Son of God” and realized that Jesus was the Messiah. Numerous soldiers that were part of the crucifixion and burial left within months of that day and it can assumed that resurrection had some kind of impact on them.

When I first started taking my faith seriously, I had always remembered reading about Jesus and how He was always asked about whether or not he was the Messiah. And I remember Him saying that the people should look at what God has done and that will tell them.

Looking at what Jesus had done that day for us is enough for me to believe that He is the Messiah. He took all of our sins and eliminated it. He made forgiveness possible. He fulfilled the promise of salvation. Looking at what He did, how can you not believe in Him?

This entry is a little jumbled and it’s all over the place, but the point I want to make is that the impact of Good Friday (and Easter) is what really grabs me. How can a man take in all of the bad things from us and die on the cross? Only one man can do that and that’s Jesus.

It blows my mind just thinking of the sacrifice He did for us — to save us. And after seeing the impact that sacrifice has done for us, how can you not believe that Jesus is the Messiah?

Thank you Jesus.


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