Let’s stop bragging about being a good person on social media networks

Tag me on Facebook so people can see how good I am.

One of the cool things about social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is that we get a chance to update people on things from practically anywhere. With links, videos, photos and all that, we give our audience an in-depth look into our lives and what’s important to us.

But sometimes it gets to the point where people share too much and it starts sending out the wrong message.

One thing that struck me was this past week when a lot of people were tweeting stories about how 49ers QB Alex Smith had gotten some of his teammates to help search for Sierra Lamar. What these players did was good, but the social media reaction was bad.

There was more praise for and congratulatory messages for the players helping out and that seemed to be it. What are we celebrating? That people are doing good things? That shouldn’t celebrated but expected out of people these days. My bigger concern is actually finding the girl. That’s the story we should be gravitating towards to, not just a couple people who joined the search.

The same thing has happened on Facebook. When people take part of community service projects or are out there doing something nice for someone, there seems to be an insistence to make a post about.

Is it really necessary to check-in on Facebook to tell people you’re at the soup kitchen? Or how about Instagramming a batch of cookies you’re making for the homeless? Or how about just not posting a status update telling everybody that you’re taking your Saturday off to help paint houses?

I think because of these social media sites, we’ve turned into a society that has lost our humility. Why the need to tell everyone out there how much better we are as people? Is it necessary to guilt others for not doing the same thing?

The humility is lost. Whenever I do something nice for someone, I don’t go on Facebook and update my status saying “Helped lady cross the street”. No, because that’s not how we need to be. This the the kind of stuff we are supposed to be daily. It’s not some special occasion when we care about people.

On social media, we celebrate the different surprises in life. Let’s not elevate being a good person as a special occasion. It’s what we should be every day. Can we do something nice for someone without bragging about it to everybody?


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