My last Oakland A’s home game for some time

One last time at the good ol' Coliseum.

Since I will be moving down to SoCal for work next week, today was the last day time for me to catch the A’s at the Coliseum. It was sad but I know I’ll be back one day. I just don’t know when.

We got the Rollie Fingers bobblehead (which I later sold for $30 since I am getting another one in the mail from the A’s later) and it was a really cool tribute to the 1972 team before the game. It was a fun time and I just really soaked up the A’s atmosphere.

The team didn’t win but I am OK with that. I really just was happy to be back at the Coliseum. It’s just one place for me where I am truly happy. I love this team and I will miss coming to the Coliseum for games.



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